Pure Veg DHA

Pure Veg DHA


Pure Veg DHA is a dietary supplement containing Schyzochytrium microalgae oil, which is a very reliable source of the docosahexaenoic acid. One Pure DHA capsule contains about 60% of the algae oil, including at least 200 mg of the docosahexaenoic acid ( DHA ).

DHA acid is an unsaturated fatty acid of the Omega 3 group, which is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It’s an exogenous acid, which is why it has to be supplied mainly with food.

It’s an important building component of cell membranes and nerves. It’s high concentration is present in the cerebral cortex and eye’s retina.

Epidemiological study shows that DHA is especially important for the proper brain function*. It supports cognitive processes such as memory and concentration, both in adults and children.

Also, it’s role in proper development and functioning of the eye’s retina is well documented. DHA acid supplementation contributes to maintaining good eyesight*. Mothers taking DHA acid supplements aid the proper development of the eyes of the fetus, aswell as their breastfed newborns**.

* Beneficial effects when taking 250 mg of DHA daily
**Beneficial effects when taking 200 mg of DHA daily

Ingredients: Schizochytrium microalgae oil, carrier ( modified corn starch ), stabilising agents ( glycerol, carrageenan ), high oleic sunflower oil, purified water, humectants ( sorbitols ), antioxidant ( fatty acid and ascorbic acid esters, tocopherols ), natural aroma, sunflower lecithin, colorant ( carotenes, ammonia-sulfite caramel ).

Suggested use: 2 capsules daily

Servings per container: 60 capsules, 1 capsule contains 200 mg of DHA acid