Panmol Natural Vitamins

Panmol Natural Vitamins


Panmol Natural Vitamins 120 caps.
Biologically active vitamin complex

Panmol Natural Vitamins 120 caps.
Biologically active vitamin complex


A suboptimal diet, stressful days and irksome environmental influences make an adequate supply of micronutrients necessary in order for our “system human” to be maintained. Food supplements make it possible to supply our organism with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant supplements. But food supplementation is not the same as food supplementation: both the quality and the source of the nutrients supplied play a very important role. Why?
Just a short thought on this point that does not originate from nutritional science but provides a thought-provoking impulse to get started on the subject: Although scientists can manufacture seawater with exactly the same chemical composition as natural seawater, some saltwater fishes die as soon as they are placed in this artificially created environment. So what is it about natural seawater that makes life possible and allows it to be maintained? This still remains one of the big mysteries of life.


Isolated single vitamins manufactured in the lab must first be activated biologically and completed in the body (by so-called co-factors). However, this puts a strain on the body’s deposits of other micronutrients and costs the body additional energy. Natural vitamins are already present in biologically active, holistic form, and are available to the body immediately.


Natural vitamins can be reactivated by secondary substances from plants (key word: redox recycling) and are therefore actively available in the body for a longer time. Vitamin C, for instance, can be regenerated by bioflavonoids from citrus fruits when ingested in a natural matrix. Synthetically manufactured vitamin C, on the other hand, is used up and eliminated from the organism again very rapidly.

Vitamin B3, niacin, for instance, can be converted into NAD/NADH or NADP/NADPH in the organism. Whilst the biologically activated NAD/NADH system serves primarily for cellular energy production, the NADP/NADPH system supports regenerative processes. Pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, in turn can support biological activation, haematopoiesis, the synthesis of nerve substance, muscular energy production or protection of the immune system, depending on its type and form. Natural vitamins therefore have more diverse, more complex effects than isolated lab substances.

Nutrients from a holistic, natural complex are safe in terms of health. The plant as a living organism is proof of this. To convert, activate and eliminate synthetic vitamins, on the other hand, the body requires quite a high level of energy. Lab vitamins are not completely activated biologically by our immune system and therefore partly eliminated unused again. Some studies also show that vitamins or trace elements supplied in isolation can even be harmful to health. There are no such studies for plant micronutrients.

If the body is suffering from micronutrient deficiencies, the biological activation of supplied lab vitamins will be inadequate. Most isolated lab vitamins are eliminated unused again, whilst natural vitamins can be converted optimally by our organism. Natural vitamins presumably also have a higher level of bio-availability. Moreover, they occur solely in the so-called (chemical) L form, which can be used by the body, whilst synthetic vitamins as so-called “mirror molecules” often cannot be converted.

Isolated lab vitamins are often recommended in so-called “ultra doses” because a significant share cannot be converted anyway. Moreover, often mega-dosages of synthetic vitamins are not really safe in terms of health. Due to regenerating synergies and their biological activity, natural vitamins are already effective at low dosages.

As evolution has shown, plants can exist without humans and animals, but humans and animals cannot exist without plants. Why? Because plants, in contrast to humans and animals, have one outstanding capacity: They are capable of partly synthesising micronutrients that they need for life, growth and regeneration themselves by converting solar energy.
We humans, on the other hand, have to supply the essential vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants via the vegetable diet (daily). More and more scientific publications confirm the health benefits of plant nutrient complexes by comparison with synthetic vitamins and trace elements.
As a consequence of these findings, the research team at Vis Vitalis Gmbh has been developing unique and innovative vital substances for the food supplement and food industry since the eighties.
PANMOL – NATURAL VITAMINS are the foundation for a new generation of innovative nutrient preparations and foods.

“PANMOL” means that “all molecules” are present in complete form, embedded in a plant matrix.

PANMOL-NATURAL VITAMINS is a complex of biologically active, phytologically complete and long-acting vitamins and minerals. This unique diversity provides the human metabolism with essential substances that can only be found in plants.

In contrast to synthetic micronutrients, PANMOL – NATURAL VITAMINS are in biologically active, hollistic form which allows them to be absorbed by the body right away.
In plant cells, vitamins occur in an easily absorbed by humans form ( provitamins). In addition, plants usually contain essential set of minerals which help with the full absorption of those vitamins by the body
There is a number of studies which shows correlation between obesity and excessive synthetic vitamin intake.

Vitamin A helps to maintain the mucous membranes in good condition and keep your skin healthy. It promotes good eyesight, proper immune system function and plays a role in the cell specialization process.

Vitamin E helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

Vitamin D helps with maintaining the balanced range of blood calcium, aswell as healthy bones and teeth. It supports muscle and immune system function and plays a role in cell division process.

Group B vitamins contribute to maintaining a good energetic metabolism and help with proper nervous system function. In addition, they help with maintaining the normal psychological function ( niacin, vit. B1, B12, B6 ), and contribute to reducing the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue ( niacine, vit. B2, B12, B6 )
Vitamin C helps with proper immune system function, healthy levels of collagen production in order to ensure good function of bones, cartilage, gums, teeth, skin and blood vessels. It also increases iron absorption.

Vitamin K contributes to proper blood coagulation.

Pantothenic acid helps with maintaining the mental fitness at the right level.

Biotin plays an important role in hair and skin health. It helps with maintaining the good condition of mucous membranes.

Folates help with amino acid synthesis and proper blood cell production. In adition, they help with maintaining good psychological and immune system function.

Product features:
• New generation vitamins
• biologically active
• Vitamins found in plant cellular matrix, obtained from quinoa sprouts, acerola fruits, Blakselea trispora mould and sunflower seeds

Ingredients: Biologically active Panmol ® Vitamin 50 complex, obtained from quinoa sprouts, acerola fruits, Blakselea trispora mould and sunflower seeds, stabiliser – hydroxylpropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell ingredient)

Suggested use: 1 capsule four times a day
Servings per container: 120 Vcaps Plus capsules
1 capsule contains 500 mg of biologically active Panmol ® Vitamin 50 complex
Maximum daily intake: 4 capsules
Country of origin: Austria